Yūsha no Kiroku Ver.(Ke) (勇者のきろく Ver.(仮), lit. "Hero's Record Version (Temporary)") is a schedule management application released for the PlayStation Vita on April 2012. Its server shutdown on September 25, 2013 and is no longer available for download, but users are still able to use its offline functions. The 仮 in the title may be a pun on the application's function as a schedule (keikatsu in Japanese).


Yūsha no Kiroku Ver.(Ke) is an application that allowed users to memorize daily tasks and arrange plans in a themed calendar. Later updates allowed users to vinculate it with Google and Yahoo! Japan accounts, giving access to Google Maps and other features. Monsters and nutrients are created when the user completes tasks in the schedule. Heroes appear every Sunday, and they can be fought with the monsters the user obtained during the week until the Overlord is caught. The user obtains Dig Power points according to the amount of heroes defeated, and they can be used to improve the dungeon.


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