Has anyone noticed anything strange going on with the monsters? I don't mean stuff like the Leviathomnom or Mara or anything. I mean bizarre occurances that the game doesn't even talk about. For example, why do the Loreleis occasionally dance around and start flashing on and off? What does that do? Also, (Now, before I go on, the only place where I've seen these things happen was in Badman's Chamber.) I've noticed little grey, red-eyed versions of Liliths and Lizardmen walking around the dungeon. (called Shifty Shadows, apparently.) They can be culled, just like any other monster, but they just look different. Why does this happen? I'll give you the evidence and my guesses, and you help me.


  • Loreleis occasionally dancing like fools
  • High Dungeon IQ
  • Golem currently walking around dungeon
  • Previously many of both, but now none
  • Totem Poles are built


  • Wacky dancing= summoning ritual?
  • High IQ= Totem Poles= Shifty shadows?
  • Here, now gone; Shifty Shadows= spirits of the dead monsters?
  • Golem does something...?

Please comment your ideas!!

UPDATE- 3/29/2011

Ah, okay. Thank you. *ahem* THe Shifty Shadows are apparently made by the Thunderheads. (I never would've guessed that...) So, here's what's left to figure out:

  • Why in the Underworld are the Loreleis dancing?

...Err... that's it. But if YOU have made any mysterious observations, please feel free to comment below. Thank you!