The Slimemoss is a creature that is used to help the dungeon grow. It looks like a green slime. It walks in one direction, until it hits a wall.  It´s a Producer.

Its JobEdit

Its job is actually quite simple, it gathers nutrients from Soil and gains Vitality. It then gives it nutrient out to the surrounding blocks of dirt. When it loses all its vitality or it is killed, it either releases nutrients to all soil around it automatically, or, given enough nutrients, it turns into a Slimebud, then a Slimeblossom. The blossom sucks nutrients from a wider scale around itself. Once it loses all of its vitality as well, it withers, releasing multiple Slimemosses, depending on the nutrient count. It can later upgrade into an American Slimemoss.

In-Game Description Edit

  • A common growth found throughout the Netherworld, they play a critical role in the ecosystem by providing nutritional, and sometimes emotional, support to higher life forms. Rather than gathering nutrients, their roots were made for walking, and that´s just what they´ll do. They feed mainly through necrosynthesis. - Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman!

  • The most common plant in the netherworld. They play a important role in supplying nutrients for the food chain. Their linear migration has been the subject of research for many Netherworld scholars, as has thier increased rate of nutrient accumulation. When they make buds, they can inhale nutrients from the ground around it within a range of 2 defeet (1 defeet is equal to 6.66 ft). - Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman 2!


ATK: 13
DEF: 2

RES: 0