Insects (ムシ Mushi) are monsters in the series.

What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord!? and relatedEdit

Insects are created from soil that contains a fair amount of nutrients. They eat Mosses and are eaten by Lizardmen.

Yu-Nama: The Puzzle and relatedEdit

Insects are level 2 (blue) monsters. When three are combined, they change into one level 3 monster.


1OmnomOmnom FlyBasic
2OmnomnomOmnomnom FlyBasic
3Killer OmnomKiller Onmnom FlyBasic
4Rivaless OmnomRivaless Omnom FlyBasic
5AwesomnomAwesomnom FlyBasic
SPHerculomnomHerculomnom FlyBasic
?AuromnomAuromnom Fly
1PoisomnomPoisomnom FlyAbnormal
2VenomnomVenomnom FlyAbnormal
3ToxomnomToxomnom FlyAbnormal
4ArmageddomnomArmageddomnom FlyAbnormal
5ApocalomnomApocalomnom FlyAbnormal
?ScorpiomnomScorpiomnom Fly
1Long Omnom - Giant
2Serpent Omnom - Giant
3Extendomnom - Giant
4Great Omnom - Giant
5Onandonandomnom - Giant
6Leviathomnon - Giant
1Buzzy Boozy -
2Red Buzzy Boozy -
3Blue Buzzy Boozy -
4Black Buzzy Boozy -
5Purple Buzzy Boozy -
SPPure Omnom - Pure